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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should we shred or destroy documents anyway?
You have a responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. What's more, it's all too easy to hold on to information longer than you need to. But by planning to eliminate certain data, you help limit your liability in litigation and protect proprietary information. And if you think your competitors wouldn't stoop to going through your trash to find out what you're up to, think again.

We have a shredder. Why do we need you?
Most office-style shredders take time to feed and usually aren't able to deal with sizable quantities of documents. They also tend to jam if documents are not properly prepared for shredding. Of course you could opt for a larger capacity shredder, but then you're talking about capital investment, maintenance, and service calls. What's more, documents that include financial, corporate planning and employee wage information should not be seen by the office personnel who usually would do the shredding.

With fewer than 10 employees, does it make sense for us to outsource shredding?
You bet. Small organizations have such limited personnel resources, they may need to outsource shredding more than larger companies. IDS provides you with the most secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to protect your information. And even for companies with fewer than 10 employees, we provide free locked security bins. Whenever you fill it up, even if only once a year, call us and we'll arrange for prompt pickup.

Doesn't it cost a lot more to use a document destruction company?
Shredding is one of those thankless, non-revenue producing functions that will eat up your company's man hours. When you consider how much it costs for one employee to do the job, you'll find outsourcing that tedious task to IDS will actually save you time and money, and will allow your employees to spend their time performing other, more productive tasks.

What's the difference between on-site and off-site destruction?
With on-site destruction, we bring our mobile shredder right to your grounds, providing you with immediate and on-site witnessing as proof of destruction. Of course, many companies prefer not to have this operation performed on their property, and therefore choose off-site destruction. The main advantage is that at our state-of-the-art facilities, we can destroy much greater volumes of material in much less time.

How secure is your destruction facility?
Information Destruction Services offers you the most secure destruction facilities in the industry. Every step of our process is monitored for your security. What's mor, our facility is covered by security video cameras, and recordings of your documents being destroyed are always available.

Do you require your employees to be bonded?
Absolutely. All our employees are bonded and have signed confidentiality agreements. In fact, everyone who handles your documents at any phase of the process, from pick-up though destruction through disposal, has passed a strict criminal background check. In addition, every employee has also signed a confidentiality agreement.

What do I have to do to prepare materials for destruction?
Nothing. Our powerful shredders can destroy entire files, including fasteners, binders, dividers, etc. There's no prep work on your part. You can even leave files in hanging folders and manila envelopes.

What else can you destroy, besides paper?
All confidential material, including files, medical records, x-rays, microfilm, microfiche, audio and video cassettes, CD's, computer hard drives, uniforms, cell phones, defective and expired goods - these are all handled at IDS' secure destruction facility.

What size are the bins? Are they lockable?
We can provide you with secure containers to store confidential material until destruction. The containers arrive fully assembled, with a security slot and universal locking system. Two models are available. The Toter holds 300-400 pounds of information, has a locking lid, and is on casters so it can be moved easily from office to office. The AMS security container has a capacity of approximately 100-200 pounds of information.

How often are the containers emptied?
Pick-up and destruction services can be regularly scheduled or on as-needed, on-call basis.

How much can you shred in an hour?
At our off-site state-of-the art shredder facility, we can shred 3,000 pounds per hour. Our on-site mobile shredder handles 1,000 pounds per hour.

What is the standard shred size?
Though the standard for the industry is shredding to 5/8", our standard shred size is smaller - less than 1/2". We employ a double-shred system. Our shredders cut the information twice, rendering it totally unreadable and indecipherable.

What happens to our material once it's shredded?
All shredded paper goes directly to a paper mill to be recycled as paper pulp.

What proof do I have our materials were actually destroyed?
Upon destruction of your company's documents, IDS issues you a notarized Certificate of Destruction. It details the time and date of destruction. This certificate can also prove invaluable should your customers or the government request proof that the files were actually destroyed.

Can I witness the destruction of my information?
Of course. You are always welcome to visit our facility and watch as your materials are destroyed. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with a videotape of the destruction.