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Signed testimonial letters are available upon request.

"We would like to say thank you for the fantastic paper destruction service for our financial institution. Recently, a cost analysis was figured on time spent on destroying confidential financial papers. We have found almost 15% of our employee's time was spent at a self-feeding shredder. That is an alarming 6 hours out of a 40-hour work week, times 3 employees or 12 hours a week! In addition to saving time and money, your commitment to confidential paper destruction eases the burden of throwing the paper in the garbage. We now have a safe and efficient way to destroy the paper. Plus an added bonus - it's recycled. Our federal regulations love it!"

Financial institution

"By utilizing your paper shredding and disposal service of our highly confidential documents, you have alleviated our agency time and resources. Your service has continued to provide that security while maintaining a reasonable cost."

Director of County Department of Job & Family Services

"As a health care facility, 95% of the paper generated daily contains confidential information. We had a system in place for those documents bound by a retention schedule, but our maintenance staff was simply overwhelmed trying to shred documents we weren't required to keep. Outsourcing the destruction of these records has saved us a considerable amount of time and energy. With IDS, our document management system is more secure than ever and their shredding service will save us an estimated $10,000 this year. I highly recommend this cost-effective shredding service."

Hospital administrator

"We struggled for years with our shredding - spending hours over a waste-paper basket shredder. I just didn't feel comfortable having someone on the 'outside' handling our client's information. IDS is more than a shredding service; they are a security company for our confidential documents. With their security containers, our information is secure from the cradle to the grave. They save us money and they save us time."

Certified public accountant

"We highly recommend the document destruction services provided by IDS. We have been using their services for approximately three years. In the past, we hired student employees to shred our confidential documents, which took many man-hours and was not an efficient or secure means of destruction. In the beginning, we were very nervous about using an outside company for the destruction of confidential documents, after research and meeting with representatives of IDS on a few occasions we began using their services to shred reports only. As time went on, we discovered that they offered a great, cost-effective, confidential service. We shred a wide variety of items such as members' checks, statements, reports, etc. We definitely have a better document control system thanks to Information Destruction Services."

Financial institution