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The importance of security

We understand the importance of confidentiality for you and for your documents, and our first priority is the security of our customer information. We achieve this high level of security through the following four steps:

1. By keeping the location of our processing plant confidential. Only our post office box is advertised.

2. By offering the most secure destruction facilities in the industry. Our processing plant is protected by a state-of-the-art security system with video surveillance, and a videotape of your documents being destroyed is always available.

3. By incorporating a double-shred document destruction system. This system renders your information completely indecipherable. Once shredded, the information is baled and recycled, making IDS a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way for your organization to dispose of its privileged and confidential information.

4. By employing only the most highly-trustworthy employees. All of our employees are bonded and have signed confidentiality agreements. In fact, everyone who handles your documents at any phase of the process, from pick-up though destruction through disposal, has passed a strict criminal background check. In addition, every employee has signed a strict confidentiality agreement.