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Off-site destruction
Paper and other materials are collected and returned to the central shredding site where they are weighed on a state-certified scale and then immediately destroyed. The site is a secured warehouse facility; videotapes of the entire destruction process are always available to clients. Shredded material is then bundled and shipped off for recycling.

Mobile on-site destruction
A mobile unit is available to provide document destruction service at your location. Your material to be destroyed is weighed in the mobile unit on a state-certified scale for accuracy before being dropped into our powerful mobile shredder, capable of shredding 1,500 to 2,000 pounds per hour.

Security storage containers
IDS can provide you with secure containers to store confidential material until destruction. The containers arrive fully assembled, with a security slot and universal locking system. Two models are available. The Toter holds about 450 pounds of information, has a locking lid, and is on casters so it can be moved easily from office to office. The AMS security container has a capacity of approximately 100-200 pounds of information.

AMS Security ContainerThe Toter

Notarized certificate of destruction
Upon destruction, a certificate will be issued verifying thorough and confidential disposal. It details the time, the date, and the method of destruction. This certificate can also prove invaluable should your customers or the government request proof that the files were actually destroyed.